It can be tempting to tackle home projects yourself but in the long run it may be better to leave some home renovations to the professionals.

Here are a few projects you might want to leave off the DIY list:

1. Roofing-Roofing can be a time sink. As a do-it-yourselfer you probably will not be able to complete the project in a short enough period of time to avoid exposing your home to damage from the elements.

2. Electrical-Poor electrical work is a safety hazard.  There are safety codes that need to be followed and just because you were able to wire something and it worked, doesn’t mean you haven’t created a safety hazard.

3. Insulation-Homeowners often assume that installing insulation like fiberglass is an easy project. It can be easy to leave gaps that draw heat and moisture into your walls creating a much bigger problem. Insulation contractors usually get a much better deal on the material costs than you would, offsetting the cost of the labor.

4. Structural work-The structural work on a home should always be left to a professional. Structural work or changes should be drawn or approved by an engineer, whose specifications should be followed to the letter. Don’t take chances here.

Have you ever tackled a DIY project you thought should have been done by a professional? Share your story.

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