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Moving Tips | Cape Cod Relocation

Planning ahead of time for your relocation to Cape Cod will save you lots of headaches during and after the move. That's why we put together a detailed list of when to get started and what to do. You migth also find our Cape Cod Demographics for Relocation section useful to find out more about indiviual town demographics and school information.

2 months prior to the move:

  • Research your new neighborhood.

  • Get a floor plan of the new home and decide what furniture to keep and what should be donated or discarded.

  • Obtain estimates from three moving companies.

  • Create a file for all moving documents.

  • Arrange to transfer school records.

  • Call your insurance agent to find out what your homeowners policy covers for the move.

  • Remove unnecessary items from storage (attic, basement shed, etc.).

  • Create an inventory list of your possessions.

6 weeks prior:

  • Analyze possessions inventory for items that you can donate/discard.

  • Notify people with whom you socialize or do business with.

  • If needed, transfer items to a storage facililty.

  • Research Cape Cod doctors, dentists and veterinarians in your new area. Arrange for transfer of records from current providers.

  • Submit post office change of address cards to: banks; charge cards; religious organizations; doctors/dentist; relatives and friends; income tax bureau/Social Security Administration/union; insurance broker/lawyer/CPA/ stockbroker; magazines; post office; and schools.

  • Select a mover, make arrangements with them and find out about their insurance coverage.

  • Clean out the closets.

1 month prior:

  • Begin packing

  • If needed, send furniture, curtains and carpets out for cleaning or repair.

  • Contact insurers (auto, home, life) about coverage before relocating to your new address on Cape Cod.

  • Request refunds on unused homeowner insurance, security deposit from landlord, and prepaid cable or internet service.

  • Contact phone, water, cable/internet, electric, gas, oil, landscapers, snow removal and trash collection companies for service connect/disconnect at old and new homes.

  • Gather birth certificates, wills, deeds, auto license and registration documents, medical, dental, veterinarian and school records, stock and other financial documentation, etc.

3 weeks prior:

  • Advise the Registry of Motor Vehicles of your address change.

  • Prepare to change bank accounts if needed to your new area on Cape Cod.

  • Make travel arrangements.

2 weeks prior:

  • Review arrangements with the movers.

  • Arrange special transportation for pets and plants with a moving or relocation company.

1 week prior:

  • Return library books, return rented DVD's, and pick up dry cleaning.

  • Donate or give away anything not being moved.

  • Refill prescriptions and have them forwarded to a pharmacy in your new neighborhood.

  • Cancel newspaper delivery.

  • Drain gas or oil from power tools, lawn mower, snow blowers, etc.

  • Create map with directions to new Cape address and a schedule with emergency phone numbers for the movers.

2 or 3 days prior:

  • Unplug major appliances, defrost refrigerator.

  • Pack ov

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