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Seller Mistakes | Cape Cod Houses

There are many mistakes to be made when selling your Cape Cod house. The list below will help you avoid the most common ones. Also make sure to look at our Process of Selling Cape Cod Houses page.

  1. Selecting the wrong REALTOR: Don't list with an agent just because they give you the highest price. Choose an experienced agent who provides the best marketing plan. An agent who has closed on many Cape Cod houses often charges the same rate as a less experienced agent. That experience can get you a faster sale at a higher price with fewer hassles.

  2. Asking the wrong price: Sellers frequently base their list price on their own needs rather than the market value. This discourages buyers and increases market time. Cape Cod houses priced too high will often end up selling for less than the market value.

  3. Not showcasing the house: A dirty or poorly maintained home can be a sign of hidden defects that increase ownership costs. This turns off buyers who tend to be poor judges of repair costs. Be sure to make repairs and spruce up the interior and exterior of the property before showing it.

  4. Over-improving the house: Check with your Realtor before making costly upgrades. Only certain upgrades are cost effective.

  5. Using "Hard Sell" techniques: Give buyers the opportunity to walk around on their own without constantly following them around and pointing things out which may not be important to them. Buyers may think they are paying more for features they don't need.

  6. Ineffective Marketing: A good marketing plan that employs a variety of techniques will distinguish your home from the others and bring in more prospects.

  7. Not taking the first offer seriously: Some sellers think the first offer will be the first of many and will hold out for a higher price. Experienced agents know that the first buyer is often the best buyer and that the amount of money buyers are willing to pay diminishes over time.

  8. Failing to understand the contract: The purchase and sale agreement is a complex and binding document. If it is not written properly it can allow the buyer to void the sale or cost you a great deal of money. Experienced agents know the 'ins and outs' of the contract.

Please also take a look at our Home Selling Tips page to get some useful ideas of how to improve the sale of your house on Cape Cod.

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