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Tips for Selling Homes on Cape Cod

Take a look at our tips for selling your home on Cape Cod. Very often the small things can make the difference btw a house being sold or not. To get a better idea about the selling process browse our Selling Homes on Cape Cod section.

Keep It Clean

Buyers always prefer to look at clean homes. The smell will be the first thing they notice. Eliminate odors by steam cleaning the carpets, disinfecting floors, walls and all other surfaces. Add a fragrance to the air by burning candles, baking up some cookies, or just using a light aerosol spray.

Replace or professionally clean any worn or stained carpets. Refresh the walls with a new coat of a neutral-colored paint. Clean the windows and open the curtains to brighten things up. Clean light fixtures with high wattage bulbs will also brighten a room. Light adds color and warmth which makes buyers feel more welcome.

Make a Great First Impression

A freshly-mown, leaf-free yard and a de-cluttered porch will enhance the exterior appeal of your home and entice buyers to check out what's inside. Flowering shrubs in the summer and spring will add a nice touch of color.

Spruce Up the Inside

Buyers should see how beautiful your Cape Cod home is rather than have to imagine how nice it could be. Invest some time in cleaning the living room, bathrooms and kitchen and you will gain dividends with a faster sale at a better price.

Make Open Space

Clean out excess furniture to make rooms look larger. Well organized closets also seem to have more space. If needed, renting a storage locker for those surplus items could be a worthwhile investment while selling your home on Cape Cod.

Create Dreamy Bedrooms

Pretty bedspreads, new curtains and rugs will wake up those tired bedrooms. Remove unnecessary items to open up the room.

Beautify the Bathrooms

Replace old caulking and fix any dripping faucets. Put out your best towels, mats and shower curtains. Don't forget to polish the mirrors and scrub the tub, sink and tiles.

Assist Your Agent

- Let your Cape Cod agent schedule the showings.
- Make sure the brochure box out front is well-stocked.
- Defer to your agent when buyers wish to discuss price, terms, or other real estate topics.
- Stay in the background during showings.
- If a prospect makes a negative comment about your home, let your realtor handle the situation.
- Pets should be kept out of the way, and music or television volume turned down.
- Be friendly but don't distract buyers from viewing the property.

You should also browse our Home Selling Mistakes section to avoid the most common mistakes made during the home sale process.

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