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Monthly Archives: October 2016

    Cape Cod Children’s Activities – Free & Discounted

    By Bernie Keller | October 21, 2016

    Living on Cape Cod with a family is expensive! Take advantage of these discounted and free Cape Cod children's activities and make new friends in your area! Read More

    Cape Cod Celebrities

    By Bernie Keller | October 14, 2016

    Cape Cod is a favorite spot for many to go on vacation, so it is not surprising that it is a favorite among some of the rich and famous. Here is a list of Cape Cod celebrities that either vacation here and those who have decided to make Cape Cod their home away from home. Read More

    Haunted Cape Cod

    By Bernie Keller | October 7, 2016

    Cape Cod is a favorite destination for many, so it is not surprising that some residents do not want to leave once they pass away. Check out our haunted Cape Cod. Read More

    Cape Cod Fall Festivals & Events – October 2016

    By Bernie Keller | October 2, 2016

    The fall is a beautiful time of year on Cape Cod. Mark your calendar for these fun Cape Cod fall festivals & events and don't miss what the Cape has to offer this time of year! Read More