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Brewster Fishing Guide

Brewster is home to some beautiful beaches, and some great fishing spots. It is centrally located on Cape Cod, and it is home to some truly unique fishing for fishermen and women of varying abilities. The town of Brewster has fantastic fishing for both freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Fishermen tend to migrate to the saltwater tidal flats to fish for striped bass in the Cape Cod Bay, however there is plenty of opportunity to do some fishing in one of the many Brewster Ponds. The ponds in Brewster are popular fishing spots for the variety of different fish stocked in the ponds such as large mouth and perch. The natural beauty of the waterlines of Brewster is worth the fishing trip alone, never mind all of the different fish you are able to catch. This is our Brewster Fishing Guide.


Saltwater Fishing

When fishing in Brewster on the tidal flats, it is imperative that you pay attention to the weather forecast and the tide charts. Our Brewster fishing guide recommends a hand held GPS, which is a great idea so that if the weather suddenly turns, as it tends to on Cape Cod, you do not get lost in the fog trying to get back in to shore. Keep track of the tides so that you do not get stranded because high tide came in before you expected it to. If you are not sure of the time, it is safer to come back on the early side to prevent getting stranded on a sandbar when the tide comes in leaving you way off shore.

Knowing what type of fish come at different times of the year is also important if you have a specific catch in mind. If you are looking to catch a striper, it is best to go early in the season, usually in the month of May. Typically this is the best time of year to catch stripers if that is the type of fish you are looking to bring home. If you are more interested in bluefish, you would go a little later in the spring such as early June.

Although fishing in Brewster on the tidal flats is a favorite for many fishermen (and women), fishing at Paines Creek at high tide can also be fruitful. The depth of the water at high tide and the outflow tends to cause the fish to gravitate to this spot. You can even take your kayak out and fish off of Paines Creek to take advantage of the abundance of fish at high tide. Here’s a little tip of our Brewster fishing guide: for success at Paines Creek at high tide use long skinny bait to attract the fish. Sand eels are perfect in this case.

Brewster also has opportunities for deep sea fishing off it its coast. Typically, you could fish for tuna, black sea bass, scup and striped bass. There are charters that you can take to do some deep sea fishing such as HAKAFISH, and other local charter boats that can take you on the water. For more information on Brewster’s beautiful bay side beaches, check out our blog, “Brewster Beaches: Your Bay Side Vacation.”


Freshwater Fishing

Our Brewster fishing guide point out that there are plenty of opportunities for fishing in Brewster at one of the many Brewster ponds. NIckerson State Park has four beautiful freshwater ponds to fish from. There is Higgins Pond, Little Cliff, Big Cliff and Flax Pond to do your fishing. State raised trout is stocked in these ponds during the spring and fall. Experienced fishermen will enjoy trying to catch the variety of trout in the ponds (rainbow, brown and the occasional large or small mouth bass), and children can even enjoy fishing in these ponds, trying to catch little yellow perch.

Sheep Pond is a very popular pond to fish, swim and boat. Its popularity with fishermen is due to its crystal clear water and the variety of fish that is stocked in the pond. Due to the pond’s popularity, it gets very busy so it is best to get an early start. If you decide to take your boat on Sheep pond to do your fishing, remember there is a 3 horsepower speed limit.

Baker’s Pond is a great place to go fishing during the early spring and late fall because it has a good amount of large mouth bass. The only downside to Baker’s Pond is there is not very much parking for visitors. Although many fish from a small boat or kayak on Baker’s Pond, you can still catch plenty of fish by casting your line from shore. Keep in mind the movement patterns of the fish that you are trying to catch when fishing in a freshwater pond.

During the spring and fall months, the fish will be close to the shoreline, making it easy to catch from shore. As the weather warms up during the summer months, the fish will move closer to the center of the ponds where the water is cooler. With that being said, it would be wise to do your fishing during the summer months from a kayak or small boat to catch these fish, and not spend your time on the shore if you are serious about fishing. If you’re just out to have fun, you still have a chance to catch something from the shore, but it’s not a guarantee.

Brewster Freshwater Fishing

Brewster Fishing Guide

Brewster is home to some prime fishing, for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. Whether you’re serious about catching a fish or just excited to get out on the water and give fishing a try, fishing in Brewster is the experience for you. We hope this Brewster Fishing Guide will help you to reel in your next big catch. If you are interested in purchasing your own piece of Brewster on the water so you can fish any time from your home, Leighton Realty can help you find it. Check out pond front Brewster real estate and Brewster waterfront real estate on our website. Michael Leighton has been named the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007, so he has the experience and knowledge to be able to find you the best home for your needs. Check out Leighton Realty’s testimonials to see what former clients have to say about their experience working with Leighton Realty.

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