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Cape Cod Celebrities

Cape Cod is a favorite spot for many to go on vacation, so it is not surprising that it is a favorite among some of the rich and famous. Julia Roberts has been spotted doing some shopping on the Lower Cape, Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gylenhaal have also been spotted around the Cape during the summer months. Luke Wilson has been seen on the Lower Cape, and you can catch some of Eve Plumb’s art (Jan from the Brady Bunch) at the Wynne Fine Art Gallery in Chatham. Steven Tyler has been spotted eating cupcakes at a local bakery right on Main Street in Hyannis. Here is a list of  Cape Cod celebrities that either vacation here and those who have decided to make Cape Cod their home away from home.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy (aka JFK) is probably the most famous former residents of Cape Cod. The Kennedy family still owns a sprawling waterfront property which his relatives frequent. The Kennedy compound is made up of three houses situated on over six acres of land overlooking Nantucket Sound in the town of Hyannisport. The Kennedy family is such a part of Cape Cod history, that there is a John F. Kennedy Museum on Main Street in Hyannis center where you can learn about John F. Kennedy and his family.


Taylor Swift bought a mansion in Hyannisport close to the Kennedy Compound during the time she spent dating John F. Kennedy’s relative, Conor Kennedy. It is reported that Taylor Swift made an almost 1 million dollar profit on the impressive property that she sold shortly after she and her Kennedy beau parted ways.


Harry Connick Jr. owns a summer home in the town of Chatham, located on the “elbow” of Cape Cod. He has been spotted all over the Cape, enjoying 3 Seas Ice Cream in Centerville and doing some shopping at the Chatham Farmer’s Market where he just blends in with the locals buying produce, locally caught seafood and artisan crafts. If you want to try to spot some famous faces at the local farmer’s markets around the Cape, check out our Farmer’s Market blog to find one near you!


Jason Varitek has strong ties to Cape Cod. He was a player for the Hyannis Mets, a Cape Cod Baseball League in 1991 and 1993. The Red Sox catcher and captain has been spotted in Barnstable during the summer with his family enjoying the Barnstable County Fair.


Owns a home in Provincetown and makes an annual appearance for the Provincetown International Film Festival every June. The annual film festival usually attracts other actors and actresses to the area such as Lily Taylor and Parker Posey.


Johnny Depp has been spotted a number of times around the quaint little town of Chatham a few years ago, which created quite the buzz. It was rumored that he was doing some house hunting to make Chatham one of his homes, however this was never confirmed. He was spotted at the Harwich Junior Theater, the Chatham Band Concert and all around town. It is difficult to say if Johnny Depp could be considered one of Cape Cod celebrities, or if he is just a visitor, but we are happy to have him either way.


Meg Ryan rents homes around Cape Cod from time to time during the summer season. Although you can typically spot Meg Ryan doing some shopping downtown Falmouth, she has other ties to the Cape. Meg Ryan’s father was a school teacher for the town of Chatham for some time.


The Farrelly Brothers have owned multiple properties around Cape Cod. Peter Farrelly made Cape Cod his home and became a waiter when he decided to pursue a career in writing. Many of their movies are set in New England, so they are never too far from their Cape Cod homes.


Ben Affleck is a regular on the Outer and Lower parts of Cape Cod since buying his mom a home in the small and picturesque town of Truro. Paparazzi swarmed the town of Truro during the days of “Bennifer” (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship nickname) when trouble was brewing between the two and he escaped to his mom’s house in town.


Carly Simon and James Taylor were two of the most famous Martha’s Vineyard residents as a couple during their marriage. Since their split, Carly Simon has made Martha’s Vineyard her full time home. She is also a partial owner of the natural goods store called Midnight Farm in the town of Vineyard Haven. James Taylor has moved on to a home in the Berkshires with this current wife.


Dan Aykroyd owns a home on Martha’s Vineyard, where he has been reported to have seen UFO’s. His experiences and theories are documented in “Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs,” which was released in 2005. Dan Aykroyd’s Blues Brothers co-star Jim Belushi is buried at Abel’s Hill Cemetery, which dates back to the 1700’s on Martha’s Vineyard.


Michael J. Fox and his family can be spotted vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer time. He actually loved the island of Martha’s Vineyard so much he named his daughter Aquinnah after one of the villages on the tiny island off the coast of Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Celebrities

Cape Cod is a beautiful place that is a very popular vacation destination, so it is no surprise that many celebrities make the trip to spend time in this one of a kind place. Cape Cod is home to some of the most amazing beaches and scenery, there is no wonder why the Cape Cod experience is popular with celebrities. Typically, celebrities are free to mingle with the locals and are rarely bothered for autographs or pictures which is a nice change of pace because that is exactly what they are looking for, a chance to get away. So whether you call Cape Cod your home or if you are just visiting, do not be surprised if the person in line behind you at the grocery store has a famous face!

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