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    Cape Cod Chickens

    Over the last month, there has been a little chicken farm boom among families in the area. Chickens produce eggs, they eat pests like ticks in the yard, and they can be really great family friendly pets… so it makes sense that while people are confined to their homes they would want to take on this project. With so many friends and neighbors suddenly becoming chicken families, it might leave you to wonder if you should consider adding chickens to your family as well. Here is our guide to Cape Cod chickens.

    Cape Cod Chickens

    The Pros and Cons of Raising Chickens

    Raising your own brood or flock of chickens sounds very appealing for many reasons. The eggs, pest removal and, they are quite entertaining to watch. While it is true that chickens eat ticks in the yard, with the amount of predators on the Cape you don’t want to let your chickens free range out of sight, or they could get scooped up by one of those predators. Eggs are a major benefit to having chickens, but it takes months for the chickens to start producing eggs for your family.

    Believe it or not, chickens can make great family pets. If you handle them from the time they are young, they are more likely to allow you to handle them when they are older. Chickens have their own personalities so if you are hoping to have chickens become a part of your family, let the person you are purchasing the chicks from, know. Some chicks are more territorial by nature, which could cause some friction in the coop.

    Cape Cod Chickens

    Where to Find Cape Cod Chickens

    There are a couple of places where you can find your family’s perfect brood or flock of Cape Cod chickens. The professionals working in these departments will help you pick out what breeds work best for you and your family and the number of chickens suitable for your family. Make sure you check with your town’s rules and regulations before purchasing your Cape Cod chickens.

    New Farm

    Address: 180 Route 6A, Orleans

    Phone Number: (508) 255-0205


    Agway of Dennis

    Address: 686 Route 134, South Dennis

    Phone Number: (508) 385-8772


    Agway of Orleans

    Address: 20 Lots Hollow Road, Orleans

    Phone Number: (508) 255-8100


    Barnstable Farm and Pet Supplies

    Address: 48 Lombard Avenue, West Barnstable

    Phone Number: (508) 744-3232


    Cape Cod Chickens

    What You Need for Your Cape Cod Chickens

    The supplies you will need for your chickens will vary depending on the age of the chickens that you will be picking up. If you are getting baby chicks that are newly hatched, you will need more than if you were picking up older chickens. Freshly hatched baby chickens need to be kept in a brooder box, which will need a warmer to keep the baby chickens cozy day and night. The size of the brooder box will depend on how many chickens you have in your flock.

    In your brooder box, you will need a warmer, pine shavings, a feeder, a waterer and a little plate for chicken grit. There are a couple of different types of waterers and feeders to choose from, all of which are pretty inexpensive. The waterers with the nipple on the end are easier to keep clean, as the well waterers tend to fill with pine shavings as the chicks move around the box. The warmer could be a heating lamp or a warming plate which the chicks can duck down under to keep warm. There is always a chance of a bulb bursting with the heating lamp, so to be on the safer side the warming plate tends to be the way to go. The New Farm in Orleans offers warming plate rentals if you do not want to purchase one outright.

    Cape Cod Chickens

    How to Keep Up Your Cape Cod Chickens

    How do you keep up your Cape Cod chickens? It is not as difficult as it might seem (depending on the size of your brood or flock, of course). When the baby chicks are in the brooder box, it is important to keep the waterer and feeder clean, and shavings in the brooder box fresh. If you choose to use a warmer plate instead of a lamp, occasionally wipe down the top of the warmer plate, because they tend to gather on top as they get older which creates a mess.

    When the chickens are old enough to graduate into their outdoor chicken coop, you will have to do the same sort of maintenance to keep up with your chickens. The chicken coop will need fresh shavings and the coop will have to stay tidy so that when the chickens do start to lay eggs, the eggs are as clean as possible. Chicken waste is a great fertilizer, so when you remove the chicken waste from the coop to keep your neighbors from complaining of the smell, you can add it to the garden.

    Cape Cod Chickens

    Cape Cod Chickens

    The benefits of having your very own brood or flock of Cape Cod chickens is plenty, but when making the decision to add chickens to your family you must consider the work involved and make sure you are making an informed decision. Check with the professionals to make sure it’s a good fit for your family and make sure you check with your town to ensure that it is allowed.

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