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Cape Cod Holiday Season Safety Tips

The Cape Cod Holiday Season is here once again. For those of you who have recently purchased real estate or are here on vacation, welcome to the Cape! During this season, many of us leave our homes to go shopping or to visit with family and friends. We want you to be at ease when you’re out. The following safety tips will assist you in keeping your home and your family safe this holiday season.

Cape Cod Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees should be placed away from busy doors, entrances, and exits. A Christmas tree should never be placed near a heater. For real Christmas trees, trim off about 2 inches of the trunk and set it on a sturdy stand.

Cape Cod Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Make sure to turn off all decorative lights before leaving the house or going to bed to prevent fire. Always place extension cords close to the wall, do not run cords under carpet or rugs. According to the Brewster Fire Department you should not overload extension cords; a maximum of three mini lights sets should be placed on one extension cord.


Candles should be kept at least 3 feet away from tablecloths, draperies, and other flammable materials.
When you leave the room or go to bed, blow out all candles.
Never leave the house with candles burning, and never leave children unattended in a room with a candle burning.

Happy Holidays!

The Leighton Team sends best wishes for a happy and secure holiday season to everyone. Follow these tips to make sure that you and your family can sit back, unwind, and fully enjoy the holidays.

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