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Cape Cod Honey: Best Local Places to Buy

Whether on tea, toast or in your baking, honey is a staple in most kitchens. Honey can help ease a sore throat and satisfy your sweet tooth. Honey comes in a variety of colors from almost transparent to a dark amber color. The difference in your Cape Cod honey color depends on where those busy Cape Cod bees have visited. The flavor can vary from mild and sweet to bold and flavorful. Honey is used plain as a topping for toast or in tea as well as in cooking. It can provide the perfect amount of sweetness in a sauce or jam and it can be used as a healthier substitute for sugar.

Did you know that consuming local honey can be good for you? It is believed that consuming honey native to your area has a number of health benefits. One benefit of eating Cape Cod honey is that easing symptoms of seasonal allergies because you are exposing yourself to the pollen in the area that could irritate your nose or throat.

So where can you find Cape Cod honey? Most Cape Cod farmers markets have at least one stand that offers honey, however there are many places around the Cape that offer their own or locally sourced honey. Here are just a few of the best places to find Cape Cod honey.



E & T Farms

Location: West Barnstable, MA

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Contact Information: 508-362-8370

Details: E & T Farms is a locally owned, family business that has been providing Cape Cod with honey for over 30 years. The bees from this farm not only visit local wildflowers but they also pollinate cranberry bogs in the area. For honey cooking tips and a list of other products available at E & T Farms, check out their website.


Punkhorn Farm

Location: Brewster, MA

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Contact Information: 406-600-1214

Details: Punkhorn Farm is managed by a team of siblings, Dani deRuyter, along with her brothers Nick and Ben located in the Punkhorn Parklands. It is a family owned and family run Cape Cod business that does not use pesticides or chemicals on their farm. In addition to Cape Cod honey and honey bees, they also have a variety of produce, chickens and perennial edibles. Follow their Facebook page or Instagram accounts to see the farm in action and see what is new and in season.



Not Enough Acres Farm

Location: East Dennis, MA

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Contact Information: 508-737-3446

Details: Not Enough Acres Farm got its name from the fact that the farm is only 4.125 acres, not the standard 5 acres it takes to be considered a farm. The Not Enough Acres Farm not only has their own Cape Cod honey from their very own bees, but they also have eggs from their chickens and salad greens year-round growing in their greenhouse. Not Enough Acres Farm can be found in East Dennis near the Marshside Restaurant and Sesuit Harbor. Products from the Not Enough Acres Farm (including its Cape Cod honey) can be found at the Chatham and Harwich farmers markets.

CapeAbilities Farm

Location: Dennis, MA

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Contact Information: 508-385-2538

Details: CapeAbilities has a large variety of honey from Carlilse Honey at their farm stand. Inside the market, you can find a wall filled with cranberry blossom, blueberry blossom, spring blossom, summer wildflower or red bamboo honey to choose from. The honey is not heated or filtered, but raw and strained to remove particles and wax.

Although the bees are not exclusively from Cape Cod, the bees are from over 50 locations around southeastern Massachusetts, which is why there is such a variety perfect for every honey need. There is plenty of information about the different varieties of honey available on the wall for those trying to decide which honey to try. Honey sticks are also available for a sweet treat on the go.


Little Pamet Farm

Location: Truro, MA

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Contact Information: Website

Details: Little Pamet Farms offers Cape Cod honey from their own chemical free bees. As this farm grew, the decision was made to add honey bees in 2012. What started out as 2 hives grew quickly, and now honey is one of the many products that Little Pamet Farm offers to locals and visitors alike. The honey comes from their bees visiting the native wildflowers and crops on this rural farm. Packaged in half pound and one pound containers this honey is straight from the comb and not heated.  In addition to the one pound and half pound containers of honey, they also offer 10 ounce cream honey in small containers. Check out the link above to order your honey straight from their webpage.

Cape Cod Honey

Local Cape Cod honey not only tastes sweeter because it supports our local farmers, but it also provides some health benefits. Ease your seasonal allergy symptoms this year by picking up a jar of local Cape Cod honey. If you can’t stop by one of Cape Cod’s many farmers markets selling the honey, there are many places to find locally sourced Cape Cod honey for you and your family. Local honey is healthier than sugar and can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are a bee or honey enthusiast, and would like to learn more about beekeeping and honey there is a group on Cape Cod that might be for you. The Barnstable County Beekeepers Association meets monthly to discuss everything related to bees and their honey. There is even an annual beekeepers ball on September 30 in Yarmouth at the Cultural Arts Center. During the summer, the association has a tent at the Barnstable County Fair where you can learn about bees and purchase your own Cape Cod honey.

Do you want to learn more about beautiful Cape Cod? Check out our town pages to see what the towns of Dennis, Brewster, Barnstable and other towns around this beautiful sandbar have to offer besides tasty local Cape Cod honey. Contact Michael Leighton and his team of real estate professionals to see which town is best for you and your home buying needs.

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