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Moving to Brewster? 12 Reasons Why You Should

Brewster has something to offer residents of all interests and ages. For this reason, the town of Brewster is a popular place for home buyers who are looking to live on the Cape. It is a magical town filled with natural charm, rich history, fun shopping and great restaurants. If you’re still not sure about taking the leap and moving to Brewster, here are 12 reasons why you should.

The Beaches

Brewster Beaches Brewster beaches are great for swimmers of all capabilities and really popular with families. The beaches in Brewster are all located on Cape Cod Bay, so the water is warm and the waves are calm. At low tide, little tidal pools form exposing little sea life for little ones to explore. With views spanning the Sagamore bridge to the Provincetown monument, Brewster beaches are ideal for long walks at sunset. For a complete list of Brewster beaches including their amenities and how to get a beach pass, check out Brewster Beaches – Your Bay Side Vacation blog.

Brewster Ponds

Brewster is home to a number of freshwater ponds. Many of the ponds are perfect for doing some freshwater fishing, enjoying a swim on a hot summer day and even taking your small boat or canoe out. Sheeps Pond for instance, has been featured on fishing websites such as boasting of what types of fish you can expect to find when out fishing. Find out more specific ponds and real estate for sale nearby at Cobbs Pond, Elbow Pond, Griffiths Pond, Long Pond, Lower Mill Pond, Myrics Pond, Seymour Pond, Sheep Pond, Upper Mill Pond and Walkers Pond.

Herring Run

Brewster Herring Run Right off of Route 6A, on Stony Hill Road during the early spring you might notice a lot of traffic surrounding a fast moving stream in town. This is because during the early spring, small fish called Herring make their way on this stream traveling a series of slopes to procreate. It is quite the sight watching these fish make their journey, attracting visitors of all ages to watch. Even if you miss the herring as they make their annual trip on the stream, it is still a neat place to explore. There are little bridges over the stream and a wishing well on one end. It is a magical place for kids of all ages to play (with adult supervision due to the proximity to the road and fast moving stream).

The Gristmill and Museum

Located right across the street from the Herring Run on Stony Hill Road is the Stony Brook Gristmill and Museum. The gristmill was built in 1873 when the town of Brewster was considered a factory town and the center of Cape Cod industry. Volunteers staff the mill today, and there is a small museum inside for visitors to learn more about the town’s history and the gristmill itself. Behind the gristmill are paths that take you through flowers, a small field and the body of water from which the stream comes from.

Nickerson State Park

NickersonStatePark Brewster Whether you enjoy camping, hiking or water activities, Nickerson State Park has something to appeal to any outdoor enthusiast. The park has over 1900 acres of land, and 418 camp sites to choose from. Paddle boats and kayaks are available to rent for a day on the water. Go for a swim in one of the 8 freshwater crystal clear ponds. Spend the day or stay the night in one of the Cape’s most popular camping destinations.

Snowy Owl Cafe

Snowy-Owl-Brewster Snowy Owl Cafe has quickly become a hot spot in the short amount of time it has been open. This coffee house roasts their own coffee on site, which is not typical of coffee shops in the area. Sit back, relax with a good book and enjoy some of their artisan coffee selections.

Drummer Boy Park

Drummer-Boy-Park-Brewster Drummer Boy Park has two playing structures, one for older kids and one for smaller kids. There is a swing set and giant playhouse located on the playground (make sure to also take a look at our Cape Cod Playgrounds blog). A large field neighbors this playground where band concerts are held every Sunday night during the summer months. A windmill and old fashioned blacksmith shop are on the opposite side of the playground from the field. Craft fairs and the Brewster in Bloom are also hosted at Drummer Boy Park. This park alone is a reason to consider moving to Brewster if you have young children.

Brewster General Store

Brewster General Store makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time as soon as you walk through the front door. Their selection of vintage toys and penny candy delights customers of every age, and is a regular stop for any Cape Cod visitor during their stay in Brewster.

Route 6A

Route 6A is a beautiful drive to enjoy due to its natural landscape, the winding road and variety of stores scattered along your way. There are plenty of antique stores and thrift shops along with the infamous Lemon Tree Village located on Route 6A for the ultimate shopper. Route 6A is too long to walk, but if you take your car up and down the route for the day, you will have plenty of shops and restaurants to fill your day with fun. Make sure to stop by our office which is located within this plaza.

Crosby Mansion

Crosby-Mansion-Brewster The Crosby mansion is located off of Route 6A on Crosby Lane. Explore the mansion that was built by Albert Crosby for his young bride boasting 35 rooms overlooking Cape Cod Bay. As you travel down Crosby Lane, you will not be able to miss the sprawling mansion on your left as you near Crosby Landing. During the summer months, the Crosby Mansion opens up for visitors to travel back in time in this impressive home. The tours take place July – October on Sunday’s.

The Food

Brewster-Food Moving to Brewster does not mean giving up great restaurants, Brewster is home to a variety of restaurants for all tastes and ages. JT’s and Kate’s Seafood are great for quick and easy fried fish dinner. Chillingworth and Ocean Terrace are fine dining restaurants both located on Route 6A. Laurino’s is a very family friendly restaurant with a playing structure outside for kids. The Fish House is a cozy place to enjoy a nice casual date night. Moving to Brewster opens you up to a variety of restaurants, so you never have to leave town to find a great meal!

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Cape-Cod-Museum-Of-Natural-History The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is a fun way to learn about Cape Cod. Along with the museum, it also features special lectures, films and classes. Check their calendar for more details on the programs they offer throughout the year. In addition to the programs and interactive activities in the museum, there are beautiful nature walks right across the street that take you through the marsh and local woodland to Cape Cod Bay.

Moving to Brewster? Let Us Help You

If you’re thinking about moving to Brewster, contact a real estate agent that really knows the town of Brewster. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Sales Agent for Brewster since 2007. To find out more about local market conditions take a look at our Brewster Market Reports.

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