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Top 7 Things to do on Cape Cod in the Fall

Locals often refer to the day after Labor Day as the first day of their summer. Cape Cod in the fall is so mild and warm, it’s easy to see why! Shortly after Labor Day, the crowds of people are gone but a lot of the businesses are still open to enjoy before closing up for the long winter! This makes it much easier to enjoy Cape Cod in the fall as a local.

As the season progresses, the leaves start to turn and the air gets a little crisp making it the perfect time of year for a hike! You can learn so much about this beautiful place we call home and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds us every day. Here is our list of the top 7 things to do on Cape Cod in the fall.


Enjoy the Beach

The water is still warm in the days after Labor Day and the temperatures are a bit more mild than mid August but it is still warm enough to enjoy a swim or day in the sand with a book. After labor day most beaches even allow dogs, so you can finally bring your favorite four legged friend for a walk on the beach.

It is much easier this time of year to find a desirable spot on your favorite beach. Town beaches do not charge for parking after Labor Day, so feel free to explore and discover new beaches to enjoy Cape Cod in the fall. Looking for the perfect beach on Cape Cod Bay? Check out our blog, “Brewster Beaches : Your Bay Side Vacation.”


Get Out on the Water

At the beginning of the season while the temperature of the air and water are still on the warmer side, it is the perfect time to get out on the water. Take a lobster cruise or sunset cruise so that you can really enjoy this beautiful place we live in year round.

There are still a couple of weeks left that whale watches are running before closing up for the season. Sometimes there are special deals on cruises during the “shoulder season” that you can take advantage of because the cruises are less busy. For more money saving tips, see our blog “Cape Cod Children’s Activities: Free & Discounted.”


Cranberry Bog Tour

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches and summer fun but it is also known for its cranberry bogs! You can find cranberry bogs scattered throughout the Cape, so it is easy to find one near you that you can tour on Cape Cod in the fall.

The fall is the time of year that the cranberries are harvested, so it is the best time to take in the beauty of Cape Cod and take a tour. Some cranberry bog tours require reservation, as they fill up fast so make sure you check before you plan your trip.


Play Tourist and Go Shopping

The fall is the perfect time to support our local economy and small businesses and shop our stores! The crowds have subsided, so it is the perfect time to go to Main Street in Chatham or Commercial Street in Provincetown and check out what the stores have to offer before they close for the season!

Check out our blog, “Best Shopping on Cape Cod” to find out what areas you should explore. Interested in vintage styles or just looking for a great deal? Our blog, “Cape Cod Thrift Shops and Consignment Stores” will be your guide to finding that one of a kind piece!


Vineyard and Brewery Tastings

Cape Cod has a number of vineyards and breweries that provide regular tastings even after the summer season has ended. From cranberry wine to Cape Cod inspired ales and ciders, there is a little something for everyone (21 years and older) to enjoy.

Some breweries even offer events throughout the year such as farmers markets and networking events that you can participate in year round. Check out our blog, “Locally Made : Cape Cod Beer and Wine” for our list of places you should check out this fall!


Hiking and Biking

Explore Cape Cod in the fall by foot or by bike and you will not be disappointed. The Cape Cod rail trail is a safe and convenient way for bikers to access a large portion of Cape Cod without having to travel very much on roadways.

There are plenty of trails and hiking routes throughout Cape Cod to take advantage of this beautiful time of year. Brewster has so much natural beauty to enjoy this time of year, we have a blog titled “Brewster in the Fall: Why We Love It.” It is a guide to this beautiful town and all it has to offer such as scenic hiking trails and places to learn about the town’s rich history.


Dine In

Once the summer is over, many restaurants start taking reservations that do not typically accept reservations during the busy season or allow for smaller party reservations. With so many amazing restaurants on Cape Cod, the fall is the best time to try them without the long wait and before some of them close up for the season.

Some of the local Cape Cod restaurants we enjoy have even been featured on television! For a list of restaurants that have gained recognition for their food on tv, check out our blog, “Cape Cod Restaurants Featured on Television.”

Cape Cod in the Fall

Cape Cod in the fall is a great time to explore this beautiful place that we call home (or second home). The summer season is a busy time for all of us, so the fall gives a small respite and opportunity to slow down and really appreciate where we live and rediscover why we love it so much. Check out our top 7 things to do on Cape Cod this fall and if we have missed your favorite thing to do, comment on our post! We love discovering new things to do on Cape Cod to share.

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