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Brewster Pond Homes For Sale

Brewster Pond Homes

Cobbs Pond | Elbow Pond | Griffiths Pond | Long Pond | Lower Mill Pond | Myricks Pond | Seymour Pond | Sheep Pond | Upper Mill Pond | Walkers Pond

Brewster’s freshwater ponds provide a tranquil setting for your real estate purchase and there’s a variety of Brewster pond homes to chose from. Owning real estate on or near a Brewster pond has its perks. Go for a swim, take your friends or family out for a boat ride, or just kick back in a lounge chair by the shore line with a good book.

As an owner of a Brewster pond front home, I am always happy to discuss the Brewster ponds and surrounding areas.

Brewster’s ponds are known as ‘kettle ponds’, carved by glaciers that retreated from the Cape 10,000 years ago. As such, they are not fed by rivers or streams but are dependent on groundwater and precipitation only. Some of these ponds have water quality and temperature ranges that support their own fish populations and others are stocked with trout, offering great opportunities for novice and expert fisherman.

Brewster ponds also offer some spectacular nature and bird watching. Osprey are frequently seen flying overhead and diving for their dinner as great blue herons are wading along the shoreline stalking their prey. Kingfishers and a variety of ducks are three-season residents on the ponds, while otters are occasional visitors to some ponds.