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Brewster in the Fall – Why we Love it

Leaves are changing, the breeze has a crisp chill and the smell of wood burning stoves is in the air. It’s that time of year again, and there is no better place than the town of Brewster in the fall. Brewster is made up of approximately 23 square miles of land and 2.5 square miles of water. As of the 2010 census, there are about 9,820 residents and the number of visitors is countless.It is bordered by Cape Cod Bay on the north, Harwich on the south, Orleans on the east and Dennis on the west. The town of Brewster separated from Harwich in 1693 and in 1803 was officially incorporated as its own town. Brewster is home to the largest state park on Cape Cod, the Roland C. Nickerson State Forest Park and the largest pond on Cape Cod, Long Pond. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Brewster in the fall months.

Bird Watching

Brewster in the fall is the place to do some amazing bird watching. Some of our favorite places to check out the birds are: Nickerson State Park, Punkhorn Parklands and Drummer Boy Park. Nickerson State Park is over 1,779 acres of woodland to explore and discover different types of birds. Punkhorn Parklands is quiet, secluded and free year round to park. Passed the playground and behind the gazebo at Drummer Boy Park is a nice wooded area to do your bird watching overlooking Cape Cod Bay. The salty breeze from the bay makes this spot an ideal way to start your day!

The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl on Route 6A in Brewster not only roasts their own coffee, but they also operate a cool and fun little spot for the community to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and relax or take in some local music. The Snowy Owl coffee roasters meticulously prepare their coffee, and bring an awareness to their patrons about organic coffee, fair trade and environmentally responsible coffee growing practices. The building was constructed using 200 year old reclaimed barn wood, giving it a very warm and cozy feel. There are adult and children’s coloring books along with other books for patrons to use while enjoying a house roasted cup of coffee. The Snowy Owl hosts open mics and acoustic Sundays along with various other events to bring the community together.

Sydenstricker Glass Galleries

Bill Sydenstricker developed a method of glass art in the 1960’s that was inspired by ancient Egyptian art methods which he studied during his time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To produce one of Sydenstricker’s signature glass pieces, sheets of glass are first fitted to a terracotta mold by hand. The bottom sheet of glass has tiny colored pieces of glass sprinkled inside of a stencil. Artists gently remove the stencil and the top sheet of glass is placed on the bottom piece. The pieces are placed in a kiln that over the course of 5 hours will reach 1500 degrees. The two sheets of glass seal together around the stenciled design, and the piece cools overnight. Pop in to the shop on route 6A and watch artists do this right before your eyes!

The Beach

After Labor Day, all beaches are free to access without a beach sticker. As of October 1st, you can now bring your four legged friends to the beach to enjoy a stroll or game of catch. Dogs are allowed on beaches from October 1st – May 1st. This goes for all tidal flats, ponds, public beaches and landings. Beach fires are allowed on private beaches, with the proper permit which you can get from the town. For a list of Brewster beaches, check out our blog “Brewster Beaches: Your Bay Side Vacation.”

Boating / Canoeing

Take your canoe or kayak on one of Brewster’s glacier-carved kettle ponds and check out the fall foliage as you paddle through the crystal clear water. Long Pond is perfect for power boats, which makes it less desirable for kayaks and canoes due to the wakes. Cliff Pond located at Nickerson State Park and Upper Middle Pond (which connects to Walkers Pond) are great for kayaks and canoes. To find out what real estate is currently for sale on or near any of Brewster’s ponds take a look at Brewster Pond Homes.

Brewster Ladies Library

The Brewster Ladies Library opened to the public in 1853 in the home of Captain Mayo after Sarah Augusta Mayo and Mary Louise Cobb expressed the need in the community for a library. It was founded by twelve women, and while men were allowed to borrow books from the library, they did have to pay more than women. Eventually the practice of charging men more for borrowing books was dropped. Currently, the Brewster Ladies Library offers a variety of clubs, meetings, lectures and activities for the community to enjoy.



Now that the weather is cooling down, most recreational fishermen make the switch from fishing in the bay to fishing in one of the many freshwater ponds located in the town of Brewster. Right now is the perfect time to take your gear to the Brewster fresh water ponds, since the stripers are starting to thin out in the salt water around that time of the year. Rainbow trout were recently stocked, and the largemouth bass are feeding at this time. As the weather continues to cool down, pickeral activity will increase in the freshwater ponds.

Cape Cod Rep Theatre

Cape Cod Rep Theatre is a company driven by the artists in our community to produce quality work by the people that live and work on Cape Cod. The theatre commissions original work to perform from playwrights who live locally in addition to more popularly known pieces. There is an indoor and outdoor theater on the grounds. The indoor theater runs from May to December, and produces 4 to 5 plays per season. During the summer season, the outdoor theater hosts professional children’s shows.

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is an important part of the town of Brewster, and there is more there than meets the eye. They view themselves as having three roles: steward to conservation land, a museum, and a nature educator. The museum holds various lectures, classes, walks, discussions, workshops and showcases films for the public to partake in. These activities pertain to natural world issues, and especially the history and nature of the area.


Bicycling is perfect in the fall. It is not too cold or too warm to enjoy the foliage and changing Cape Cod landscape. Take a trip on the Cape Cod Rail trail, which passes by Seymour Pond, Long Pond and Hinckley’s Pond. For a more woodsy and hilly ride, get off of the Cape Cod Rail Trail at Nickerson State Park, which has its own trails.



Brewster in the fall is the perfect place to go for a hike by yourself or with the family. To find the best hiking trails in Brewster, check out our blog “Brewster Walking Trails.” There is a hiking trail for all skill levels of hikers to enjoy in the town of Brewster, which is why it is a favorite of locals throughout the Cape. Enjoy the crisp cool air and changing Cape Cod landscape by going for a hike in Brewster.

Captain’s Golf Course

The town of Brewster is considered the golfing capital of the lower Cape because it’s home to some of the best golfing in the area. The Captain’s Golf Course is a public golf course that is open year round for your golfing pleasure.There are two courses at the Captain’s Golf Course, the Starboard Course and the Port Course. The Captain’s Golf Course was named the Best Public Golf Course on Cape Cod in 2016.

Brewster in the Fall

Now that the summer season has come to a close, it is the perfect time to really enjoy this beautiful place that we live in. The town of Brewster in the fall is filled with things to do at any age. It’s time to put on that sweater or flannel and boots and explore this amazing town! Curious about what real estate is currently for sale. Take a look at our Brewster Real Estate page. To find out more reasons why we love the town of Brewster, check out our blog “Moving to Brewster? 12 Reasons You Should.

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