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Brewster Ponds

Brewster is a beautiful town filled with natural charm. While saltwater beaches tend to get a lot of attention on Cape Cod, there are plenty of freshwater ponds to enjoy in the town of Brewster. Freshwater ponds are a great spot for fishing enthusiasts and families alike. The freshwater ponds are stocked with a variety of fish for your fishing pleasure, making them a popular destination for local recreational fishermen and women. Some of the Brewster ponds are perfect for families, especially families with small children because the water is calm and warm.

While enjoying Brewster’s beautiful ponds, it is important to remember that smoking is prohibited at all of the town owned Brewster ponds. Dogs and other pets are also prohibited from the town of Brewster ponds beaches from May 1st to October 1st. For the beaches that require passes, a pass is needed to be displayed on the bumper of your car in order to park at the beach from 9 am – 4 pm from June 15th to September 3rd. Beach passes do not guarantee that there will be a parking space for your car, so it is always a good idea to get an early start to ensure you have a place to park at the beach you are planning on visiting.

Sheep Pond

It is believed that  Sheep Pond got its name from the early European settlers who would use this Brewster pond as a watering hole for their sheep. Sheep Pond is located on Fisherman’s Landing, which is right off of Rte. 124. There are no lifeguards at the Sheep Pond beach, but there are portable restrooms to use at the beach. A sticker is required to park at this beach. There are multiple landings for this pond in the area for swimmers, and there is even a floating dock for boaters. Sheep pond is popular with fishermen as it is stocked annually with Atlantic salmon and trout. It is also popular for small boats, but they must remain below 3hp. Take a look at Sheep Pond real estate for sale.

Long Pond

Long Pond is the largest pond on Cape Cod, with an average depth of 23 feet. Long Pond is reached by taking Crowell’s Bog Road off of Rte. 124. At this pond, there is a lifeguard on duty every day 9 am to 5 pm from July 4th weekend to Labor Day. There are portable restrooms at the pond, so it is the perfect spot to spend a fun filled family day. A sticker is required to park at this freshwater pond beach. Long Pond is a popular spot for both swimmers and for taking the boat out. The bike trail is close to this pond, making it the perfect spot to stop and take a dip or enjoy your picnic after a nice bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Take a look at Long Pond real estate for sale.

Lower Mill Pond


Located right above the Stony Brook Grist Mill herring run, Lower Mill Pond is accessed by taking Run Hill Road. Unfortunately there are no lifeguards at this pond, but there are portable toilets at the beach. Lower Mill Pond is a smaller pond, ideal for canoeing or doing a little fishing. The fishermen and women at this pond have been catching large mouth and small mouth bass at a decent rate. The Lower Mill Pond is a wooded area surrounded by private homes, so it can be busy but not as busy as some of the more public beaches. To find out more about the Stony Brook Grist Mill, herring run and other places in Brewster that make is special, check out our blog “Moving to Brewster? 12 Reasons Why You Should.” Take a look at Lower Mill Pond real estate for sale.

Nickerson State Park Ponds


Nickerson State Park has a number of sparkling kettle ponds throughout the park. You can access these ponds throughout Nickerson. The ponds are perfect for swimming, fishing and water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. There is a fee to access the park by car, but Nickerson State Park is a great place to spend the day hiking, swimming and taking in the natural beauty.

Seymour Pond

Seymour Pond has a sandy beach to enjoy, and it is located adjacent to the Cape Cod Rail Trail, making it a perfect stop for riders.There is a town landing to access this pond and a sticker is required to park during the summer months, but you can also access it through a trail called Parkhorn Parklands. For more information on trails in the area, check out our blog, “Brewster Walking Trails.” Although this Brewster beach is popular with swimmers, it is also popular with fishermen and women who have been known to catch perch and small mouth bass. Take a look at Seymour Pond real estate for sale.

Cobbs Pond

Cobbs Pond is one of the smaller Brewster ponds, as it is only about 3 meters deep. Cobbs beach is close to Route 6A shopping and Breakwater Beach, which is a popular Cape Cod Bay beach. Interested in finding out more about Brewster’s bay side beaches? Check out our blog “Brewster Beaches: Your Bay Side Vacation.” Take a look at Cobbs Pond real estate for sale.

Upper Mill Pond

Upper Mill Pond flows into Lower Mill Pond which then connects to the herring run at the Stony Brook Grist Mill. The bottom of this pond is sandy, making it a perfect swimming spot. Upper Mill Pond is one of the medium sized Brewster ponds, with about 3 miles of beach for visitors to enjoy. Small mouth bass, herring and perch have been caught in this pond, making it a popular fishing spot. Walker Pond is connected to Upper Mill Pond, so kayaks or canoes can travel back and forth between the two. Upper Mill Pond is accessed by the Parkhorn Parklands trail. Take a look at Upper Mill Pond real estate for sale.

Walkers Pond

Walkers Pond is the perfect place to take your kayak or canoe for a leisurely day on the water. Since Walkers Pond connects to Upper Mill Pond, there is plenty of scenery to take in during your time paddling on the water. This is a great spot to do some bird watching and keep your eye out for other wildlife around the pond. Walker Pond is accessed through a channel in Upper Mill Pond. Take a look at Walkers Pond real estate for sale.

Brewster Ponds

Brewster is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod, both salt water and freshwater. Brewster ponds are perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and all of your outdoor water sporting needs. Brewster ponds are a relaxing retreat from the every day where you can relax in the quiet environment or soak up some sun with the family enjoying the water. Most of the Brewster ponds require a sticker, so make sure you are prepared for your day at the pond by checking to see if you need one for the pond you plan to visit. If you do need a sticker, visit the Brewster Town Office Building to pick up your pass, it is very easy to do. If you are looking to buy a property on one of Brewster’s many beautiful ponds, check out our list of Brewster pond homes for sale around the various ponds.

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